Satellite Restock Analysis

Time taken : 2 hours
Cost : £80


The original image provided by the client

The client required statistics of a recent fell operation undertaken by a different company. The client required the area of tree cover in 4 separate coupes. A screenshot of coupe boundaries was provided to analyse of trees that looked above 7cm in diameter.

The screenshot was georeferenced on QGIS by matching features to ensure accuracy. Each coupe was traced around, and then all applicable trees were traced. Each shapefile was assigned a coupe number and had its area calculated.


The georeferenced image with traced coupes traced in QGIS


All applicable trees outlined

The shapefile data was input into excel and a formula was written to automatically calculate the tree and open ground areas for each coupe. The excel spreadsheet functionality was expanded by including a table to automatically calculate the amount of trees required based off user input of stems per hectare.

The ESC4 tool was used to determine the NVC classification and general tree suitability. The reported NVC classification was cross-referenced with a private NVC tree species database to determine further species suitability for restock after felling.

Layout 1.png

All tree areas determined for restock

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