Crash Course QGIS 1

Project Setup, Satellite Imagery, Spatial Bookmarks, Distances & Areas, Profiles

The first video of my Crash Course QGIS series is now live! In this tutorial I will be walking you through the initial setup required to start your QGIS journey. Below is the lesson plan with the timestamp to help you navigate: 0:15​ Starting A new Project 0:25​ Tile+ Download 1:32​ Installing Tile+ 2:40​ Importing Google Earth / Bing Map Satellite Imagery with Tile+ 3:04​ Setting Project Datum/CRS 3:40​ Spatial Bookmarks Explanation 3:55​ Setting Spatial Bookmarks 4:30​ Moving Between Spatial Bookmarks 5:37​ Measuring Distances & Areas 6:34​ Custom User Profiles To download the Tile+ plugin, follow the link below: If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in contact, I'll be happy to help!

- Mark


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