BTO Dataset Mapping

Time taken : 2 hours
Cost : £80


The final BTO symbology when applied to the dataset.

The client required visualisation of a bird breeding survey undertaken over the course of a few months. 2391 bird observations were made using grid references, species codes, sex, life stages and observed behaviours.

The client requested their data be spatially represented using the BTO bird survey symbology and code standards.  The survey results were provided in an excel spreadsheet.

The Ordinance Survey grid reference was converted into a X/Y location format. The X/Y location format is used to upload data from excel into cartography software.

The BTO bird survey standard uses shorthand to denote species, age and their observed behaviour. The BTO code was generated from the reported bird behaviour.


A hex bin map was generated at 50m2 per hexagon.

Each hexagon was analysed to determine the amount of recordings seen in each section. 


A heatmap generated to determine the areas of highest point clusters.

The excel database had a series of formulae applied to autonomously and instantaneously create the BTO code.

Customised symbology based off the BTO bird survey data was developed in QGIS and linked to the behaviour variable and rotational variables. 

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