Silva Scienta

Mapping, Analysis & Visuals


Mark Simpson

​There is ineffable beauty at the intersection of nature & technology.

My engineering education has shaped my ability to analyse systemic frameworks, acquiring an interdisciplinary skillset for developing solutions to complex problems. My forestry & environmental education has cultivated a broad understanding of ecosystemic processes and their subsequent effects on flora & fauna.

From my understanding of technology & nature I have become deeply passionate about rewilding, reforestation & habitat creation. Through commercial forestry I am dedicated to learning how to design & manage forest assets. It is my mission in life to learn how to apply the skills learned from commercial forestry to the natural world, at scale.

I believe logic must be balanced with creativity - drone operation is a perfect combination of the two. I have learned how to utilise drones to create high-resolution, accurately georeferenced maps. I have developed the skill base required to create visually stunning aerial videography & photography. Any change to any environment begins with analysis; Analysing the natural world always offers visions of beauty too striking to ignore.

Whether you want to talk about the warming beauty of nature, the cold logic of systems or the endless fun of drone projects, I would love to get in touch!